December 24, 2013

No, I don't think I am a better mom because of what I do with my elf! I AM JUST HAVING FUN!!! :-)

I realize you think I am crazy and waste so much of my time coming up with all these ideas/themes and sceneries for my elf. (now elves)
I know you may think that I am just a total show off.
And the truth is, yes, I want to show it off and share our creations. Just like I do with a lot of things that I create :-)
I do not do this to make you feel like you are a bad mom if you are just moving the elf from one spot to another then back to the same spot for twenty-something days.
Not to compete with any other crazy elf lovers.
You have to understand, I love to do it.
OH, and so does my husband.  When he gets into it, He goes all out!
Your elf and MY elf have nothing to do with each other!  lol

Don’t take me wrong, there are nights, when the kids do not go to bed early or I’ve had a busy day, when I just want to stick him inside the tree and get it over with.  And guess what?  I’ve done that too.
Nothing wrong with that!.
(Actually, our kids are so used to seeing him doing something so extravagant, that the day he was inside the tree it took them forever to find him! lol)
Our motherhood is not defined by what we do w the darn elf!  So no, I am not here thinking I am a better mom bc I spend a little more time on it.
For the most part, the elf is more something that we CHOOSE to enjoy doing as a couple.  And of course, in the morning, the big HUGE bonus is the kids screaming and laughing about it.
It is like Christmas morning here every day!  But we are all into it, so of course, the whole surprise factor becomes a huge deal for all 4 of us! ;-)
Instead of sitting there watching TV, we work on something together.
(Yes, I know, there could be other things we could do together besides the elf.  But there's 11 other months for that too you know...)
Most of the things we do, we do with the kids.  But not this.  It’s our little nightly project!  It's like playing with dolls, but as adults.  HAHA!  (Wait another 10 years.  These elves are going to have more accessories, clothing, cars and who knows what else, than Barbie and Ken!)
We giggle and laugh, we talk about what we will do that night, we share our crazy/funny ideas and then, we do it.  It's FUN!  TO us!
It may be our little therapy.  Forgetting everything else that may stress us out and just focusing on 2 little red elves that seem to have a fantastic, adventurous and fun life!!!
From him rappelling
  to flying on a plane (first class, btw lol  -  those 2 were Jodi's creations)
to him falling in love with Sparkle J (love at first sight)

to becoming teachers

We look at our projects with pride and then I share them with all my friends and family.
So what?  Is that annoying you!? OOPS!
It’s my thing and it lasts less than a month, so love it or leave it! :-P
I don’t go to the gym (although I should) and go checking in on fb everytime I step foot on it.  I don’t cook much and go posting all my pictures everytime something looks yummy.  I really have no social life, so yea, I don’t post stuff about going out much either.
So the ELF on the SHELF it is!  And of course, all the cute pics of the peanuts as usual. (and some of my products... I try to keep those on my page!  Shameless plug: )

So yes, I am not sorry that I post 1 picture a day (if so) of our elves adventures and you don’t find them fun! I am not sorry that you find them annoying, when all they do is bring smiles and joy to me and my family.  I think if you knew us, you would be enjoying it with us as well.  And I am not sorry, you may have hidden me from your fb feed for the month of December!  You grinch you!! haha!

For those that are like me and go all out with the ELF on the SHELF ideas, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

For those who are a little less into it and really don’t enjoy is as much as we do, but yet find the time to move it every night and have that little “magic” inside your homes as well, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

And for those who don’t even care about it, you are boring! No, just kidding.

We all have things that fill us up, if it’s moving and elf, then so be it.
It’s been fun!
He leaves with Santa tomorrow, and to be honest, it makes me a little sad. I will miss the morning excitement!
They laugh, they scream, they say the funniest things about it!
One day, I will print a little book of everything we did since our elf came to our house and give it to them.  Hoping we can pass the tradition to them so they can have as much fun with our grandbabies.
Bye bye Lil' J and Sparkle J.
Glad all your friends threw you a "See you next year Party!"

Till Christmas 2014!! :-)

To see more of our elves, you can go here:
(feel free to click on like!! ;-)   )

October 17, 2013

Crap! It has been so so so very long.....

It has been THAT long since I have NOT posted here.
My life has been a:

Maybe one day I can totally blog about what has happened.
For now, I kinda have to leave you thinking I still have a "perfect little life as a mommy and wife"
HA! I wish!
I read a few of my previous posts, and wow, I was happy.  Little did I know the challenges I was going to face.
However, as much as I do not seem positive to some people, I try to remain positive.
Let me NOT scare you - babies are fine, we are all healthy and very grateful for the good things that I have...

I am undecided as to if to come back and blog/continue writting about me and my life.
Just bc I cannot say much...  I love being an open book, but my life has to remain private in some matters.
So it it even fair for me to come here and blog if I am not being 100% honest w everything?
Should I open a new anonymous account?

So, I will leave for now.  Almost 1am.  Came her bc I was looking for my birth story to post on a mom group and here I am, writting some insignificant shit.
Sorry, I feel like swearing a little lol

NITE for now xoxo

PS: just got my baby boy's Kindergarten pics ( YESSS!! HE IS IN KINDERGARTEN!! can you freaking believe that!!????)

May 5, 2011


First of all, I cannot cannot cannot believe it has been a year since I went into labor with my little precious baby girl. I remember every second of that night like it was yesterday. It was one of the most incredible nights of my life.  Even though I didn't get the whole experience I was looking for (VBAC), it was still magical and incredible. 

Tomorrow, my dream baby girl is 1 year old. And I am about to cry just typing it. She means SO MUCH TO ME.  I am completely obsessed with her.  I cannot imagine life without that little person.


I want to blog about everything so bad, but I have zeeeeeeeeeeero time for other things other than taking care of my babies and creating things for my new business.
I will take some time to write about it though, I promise.  Next week lol

It's called Inspired by Ju.  And if you haven't figured it out, Ju is Julianna.

check it out!

Ok, sorry I havent been around.
I know I have a few loyal readers (they have told me lol) and I feel like I have let you down.  But I am also sure you understand.

Happy cinco de mayo and happy mother's days to all the special  mommies out there - and I KNOW A LOT!!!


February 2, 2011

I know, I am sorry I haven't called you, but...

I've been busy!

I know, I know.  I am a stay at home mom.
And, common, how hard can it be to just grab the phone and give you a call, right?
It's not you, it's me. I promise.
I think about calling you sometimes.  Some other times, I just forget to grab the phone to call anyone.  Or maybe, just maybe, I get a little busy!

Want an idea of what busy means to me?


* And by posting this one-day journal, I hope no one judges me on how I mother my children.  This is NOT by any means how I live my life every day.  But just an idea of how one day at the Shelton househoold can be!  Some days can be a lot crazier than others, that's for sure!

Ok, after waking up several times, to feed my baby girl and getting, what? 4-6 interrupted hours of sleep total, I am ready to start my day with my peanuts!
Nothing really planned today.  Just another playful day with the kids.  Daddy is gone again, so I just want to take it as easy as I can, so I don't get too exhausted at the end of the day.  (if that is even possible)

I think it's safe to say that around 7:15 A.M, we are all up and at it.
They are both in bed with me by this time.  (Jonathan is waking up now in the middle of the night to come cuddle up with me and fall asleep.  Julianna gets to join us for her last feeding of the night, which is usually around 4 or 5 A.M.)

We stay in bed for a little while.  They are both super happy morning babies.  Lots of kisses. Lots of I love you's. Lots of tickles and giggles... I just love love love my mornings with my babes!
We can't stay in bed long, since Jonathan is now fully potty trained and we have to run to the potty pretty quick for his morning pipi!
So we do that.
Then of course, brush our teeth.  Make the bed. Change Julianna's diaper. Take both of their PJ's off . Get them dressed.  Get myself dressed.  Talk to Jodi... etc etc....
Normal morning stuff for everyone.  No big deal.
8:00 ish  Come downstairs.
(*and of course, these are approximate timeframes*)

8:01 to about 10:00, is normally a busy time for me.  I seriously do not get to sit down for a few hours.

8:01 - Let punky out. (She also needs to go outside first thing in the morning.) Let her back in.
(When we first moved here, I would take her out with both kids, wait till she was done and come back in.  As you can see, that's NOT the case anymore! One word: Retractable leash!  Put in on her, open the door, leave handle inside,  close the door, wait for her to finish her business and stand in the door waiting for me to open it, open the door, take leash off!  and Viola! It works for me!)
8:05 - Prepared breakfast for me and Jonathan. Today, boiled eggs, a banana and orange juice. Yep, I kept it simple!
8:10 - Fed Julianna her breakfast (yummy oatmeal, apple, vanilla baby food.  She likes that!)
8:15 - Jojo is still hungry.   "Momma! I want the red cereal". (meaning, Froot Loops. The box is red)
8:30 - Jojo made a huge mess with the cereal and milk and spilled it all over the table and floor. Cleaned it.
8:40 - Had to put the tablecloth in the washer. (that's how dirty jojo got it)
8:45 - Washed dishes.  Sterelized bottles.  Cleaned up the kitchen.   All this, while holding Julianna 70% of the time.  She can be a little clingy sometimes!
9:10 - Played a little bit with them on the floor.  I loooove chasing after Julianna.  I crawl behind her and she giggles as she crawls away from me.  Soooo cute!!!
9:20 -  Punky needs to go outside again. This time for a little longer, if you know what I mean. I let her out. Let her back in.
9:25 - Went outside,  picked up after her and came back inside! ughhhh!!!  I hate this!!! GROSS!!! And it was 2 days worth, since I didn't do it yesterday! I really grosses me out. But, gotta do what I gotta do.
9:30 - Took all the garbage out before the garbage truck passed by.
9:35 - Checked my email and facebook for a little. Yes, I guess I could've called you now. BUT, the kids are still trying to get my attention.  I ignore them for a little.  I am SURE you do NOT want kids screaming in the background while we talk, right? ha!
Plus! You are at work anyways.  You would have not even answered.
9:50 - Grabbed myself a snack.  And by snack, I refer to a Samoa Girl Scout cookie.
9:51 - Grabbed another one.
10:00 - "Mamma, I got pipi!" (meaning, he has to go pee) This can take over 5 minutes, since it's a whole process. Everything is "Mamma, I DO IT!!!"  From taking his little spiderman undies off, to pushing the stool closer, putting his seat on the toilet, getting up there, doing what he went in there to do, flush the toilet, get down, put the stool back in the corner, put the little toilet seat back the hook that it goes in, put the underwear back on (I am only allowed to help with this), wash his hands, dry them and get him out of there.
(And if I do any of the previously mentioned, without his permission, forget it!)
10:15 - Grabbed another cookie! 
10:20 - Nursed Julianna.  Who decided to fall asleep while holding her.  I knew as soon as I moved, she would wake up and she was too cranky for me to let that happen.  She NEEDED her little nap.  So I sat there, frozen, with her in my arms for a little while, while watching Kathy Lee and Hoda and Jonathan play with his little cars.  (I love Kathy Lee and Hoda! They are so cute and funny)
10:50 - Julianna is up :-)
11:00 - Cut the watermelon up so I can give to Jojo next time he says "I am hungry".
11:05 - Put tablecloth in the drier.
11:10 - Checked on facebook again to see if there were any funny/interesting status updates... Nothing much going on! Most of them are about how cold it is and pictures of snow.  Pretty impressive though.
11:33 A.M. - Jodi calls to check up on us, say hello and tell me he loves me. 
11:33 A.M (as well) - Jojo decides he needs to know where his red screwdriver was.  "Jojo! I don't know! Why don't you look for it?"  "Momma, Momma, Momma!!! I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!"   We couldn't find it.  Jojo moved on to play with another toy.
11:33 A.M (yep!)  - Punky decides she needs to go outside AGAIN! It's hard to ignore her, since she stands in front of the door and scratches it until she is outside! What is UP with this dog????
11:36 - Grabbed another cookie!
11:42 - Jonathan decides he "wants bread".  I serve him a slice with peanut butter and of course "Grape jelly! Grape Jelly!!!".

11:43 - Julianna sees Jojo eating and starts fussing.  Gave her a cracker.

11:54 - Watched the end of The Ellen Degeneres Show.  I tivo it, so I am not worried about missing the rest.
12:00 - Time for Bubble Guppies.  And if you are truly a stay at home mom and allow your kids to watch cartoons (from time to time, of course (cough, cough),  you know who the Bubble Guppies are.

**Jonathan already knows that after Ellen, he is allowed to watch cartoons while mommy gets to pick up and clean around the house. 
12:02 - Cleaning/organizing paused.  My good friend, Ana Isabel, called me.  She has an 8 month old baby girl too and we couldn't stop talking about our little dolls.  (I haven't talked to her in a few months)
12:47 - Off the phone.  Back to business. Julianna is bored. She needs some attention!

12:50 - Jojo needs to pipi.
12:54 - Punky is hungry or thirsty. She scratches the bowls and barks until served.
12:55 - Time for an afternoon snack.  One of our favorites, a bag of Edamame.

1:00 - Jojo and I share some good quality time at the table eating and chatting.  Julianna sits next to us with some peas and blueberries in her tray.

Julianna wants down

1:22 - Back on the phone.  Nina calls.  She has some good Gossip!  hehe!
1:40- Our friends Natalie and Barbarita arrive!!! Jojo gets super excited! and so does Julianna!!
Time to make a mess play.

2:00 - Tried putting Julianna down twice.  Nursed her, rocked her... (u know the deal) As usual, she would fall asleep in my arms and as soon as I laid her down in her crib, she would wake up and start crying.
Third time worked (after letting her cry for 3 or 4 minutes! Broke my heart into one billion pieces, but I knew she was super tired  and HAD to fall asleep sooner than later)
2:20 - Served everybody lunch. Chicken tenders, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes (the last two were leftovers).
2:25 - She is BACK UP! ugh! Stubborn little baby!  Went and got her.
2:40 - Cleaned up the lunch mess.
2:55 - Jojo needed to go to the potty again.
3:00 - Took the kids to the playground (hoping Julianna would fall asleep in her carseat like she usually does. Didn't happen!)

3:30 - Got very cloudy, walked back home and played outside (and in the garage) with the kids for a little bit.

4:00 - Natalie and Barbara left.  Vacuumed and cleaned up around the house some more.
4:30 - Brought the garbage back into the garage.  Put clean tablecloth back on the table.
4:35 - Jodi called again. 
4:40 - Cleaned a little more.

All while holding Julianna. She had not napped much and was very tired.  Was going to be an interesting afternoon/night.

5:00 - Started cooking dinner.  On the menu today: Tilapia and Asparagus. 

6:00 - Ate dinner with the kids.
6:20 - Cleaned up all the kitchen mess. 

Don't forget, all these tasks have to be performed while holding or trying to comfort and feed a cranky baby and allowing your "I wanna help you, 2 year old"  "help" with everything you are doing. 
"Yes Jojo, you can put that garlic clove in that gralic presser so I can squeeze it".

7:00 - Grabbed everything I needed and headed upstairs with both kids. 
7:01 - 7:50 - More playtime!  This is my hour of uninterrupted playtime with the kids. (Well, I do have ET on, so I may be listening to it while I try to teach Jojo the letter U, Z and X"  (wink wink)

7:51 - Started getting the kids ready for shower time and cleaned up the mess in the playroom/den.
Gosh! these kids sure can make a mess in 2.7 seconds!! lol
8:00 - Shower time.  Showered with both kids.  I have a big enough shower to fit all 3 of us there with enough space for them to move around.  The kids have fun. Me, hmmm, let's just say I am ready for Jodi to come back so I can shower alone! lol
8:15 - Me and Julianna are out of the shower.  Jojo stays in playing until I am done.
After a few "Jojo! come out of the shower NOW's!, he finally comes out!  
8:20 - Brushed our teeth.

Julianna is SO ready to go nite nite by now...

8:30 - Jojo is on our bed, laying down on daddy's side.  I am in the rocker, feeding Julianna her nighttime bottle.
8:45 - Both kids are asleep.  (I should insert a picture of my happy face here!)
8:50 - Transferred both kids to their "sleep quarters".
9:00 - ME TIME!!!  AHHH!!!!
More girl scout cookies, my laptop, my butt on the couch and some reality show  :-)
9:01 - Punky wants to go outside!  ahhh!!! grr! Got up and took her out.
9:04 - Back on the couch! yes!
I stay up until I can't handle being up any longer (usually past midnight).  Go upstairs, watch a little more tv and fall asleep.

(1:00 AM - Julianna is up!)

Now, you MUST add a few extra pipi breaks in there that I know I forgot to include and definitely, a few more diaper changes. 
A few extra feedings for Julianna. (she finds so much comfort and gets so cuddly and happy when she is nursed! I can't help it, I enjoy it so much too! So, I still do it quite often.)
Tons of little requests demands from Jojo. (and I mean TONS!). 
Lots of little "i love you" moments with them (yes, all day! everyday! hugging them, kissing them, tickling them! I can't do it enough!  I better, I am a stay at home mom for a reason, right?;-)  ) 
Many, many " Jojo!  Share your toy with your Sister!",  "Jojo, she was playing with that, that's not nice!", "Jojo! be careful with sister, she is right behind you! (since now Julianna follows him everywhere!),  " What do you say? Say Please, please! Say Thank you Mamma!" .... etc etc
A few extra activities (some coloring, some running around, some playing hide and seek)
Constantly picking up little things Jojo leaves behind so that Julianna doesn't "eat" them.
A few little trantrums and time outs.  (Although, I have to admit, Jojo has been doing great lately)
Making sure Julianna doesn't get hurt, now that she is NON stop.
And just some other everyday things that add up to the mix and make it even a lovelier day! ;-)
(And of course, today, taking pictures for this particular post.)

So yes, I am a little busy.

I am one to hate excuses, and this whole post sounds like one.  But that's just the way my life goes. 
This is NOT to say I don't love it.  I do.  I choose to stay home and have my days be filled with potty breaks, children screaming and a lot of picking up toys.

I love you anyways and I promise, once the kids are what? in school? I will get better at it... I will call you so much, you are going to have to block my number!
haha! nah! not me! But you get the point!

Thank you for not understanding me all these times when I told you I was busy and apologized.
I hope this helped.

I love you and talk to you soon sometime!

January 24, 2011

To celebrate her daughter's birthday...

I wanted to spread the word a little more.

A friend of mine is celebrating her gorgeous daughter's first birthday soon.
To celebrate such a special day, she has decided to collect money for "The Joyful Foundation", an organization that sews personalized blankets for hospitalized kids.
She found out about it while she was in the hospital with her daughter herself, who was one of the recipients of such great gift.

Please go to to read more about it and hopefully spread the word a little more and/or donate to this great cause.

Thank you and have a blessed day!


January 18, 2011

I am her now...

I remember thinking to myself "How do they do it?"
I would think of them as "heroes".
The moms, all alone, making everything seem so easy.  Raising kids during the week by themselves and then anxiously waiting for Daddy to come home from work to spend the weekend with him.  Everything was a routine and they had it all figured out. 
The dads, working their butts off all week long.  Being away from their kids and possibly missing out on some amazing things they do on a daily basis.
I always admired these people. 
I always thought it would be too hard for me to do that myself.
I always said, there was NO way I could marry a pilot, a professional athlete or a businessman that traveled all the time...
I wasn't gonna become that wife!

Well, I did!
But it's NOT that hard.  It's not my #1 choice.  But we are making things work.
I do have my nice little routine with the kids, like the other moms.  ;-)
And I do anxiously wait for Daddy to get back home to us....

When Jodi and I were engaged, back in 2006, he was offered a promotion.
They offered him three times the salary, but we had to move to North Carolina and he would be gone weekly. 
I did NOT like the idea.
So much that we ended up breaking up over it.
I told him, that was NOT the family I wanted to have.
I was too needy and I wanted my husband there everynight with me.
I couldn't see myself doing it.  NO matter how good the money was going to be, I did NOT care.
I wanted out!

We made up the morning after.  We both cried too much and realized there was no way we could be without each other. Those few hours of being broken up were pretty hard for both of us.  We made a decision.  He would take the offer,  we would move to NC and postpone the wedding until we could figure out if things were going to work out.

Well, the promotion never happened. And nothing changed. Thank God! 

Now, Fast forward to today. 
Oh how things have changed!

My husband has been traveling A LOT.  And I mean, weeks at a time.

Good thing is, things should start to slow down in a month or so.

His job DOES cover the whole state of Florida.  However, his trips will be 1-2 or 3 (at the most) days.  Plus, we can go with him.  You better believe we are coming with him when he has to go do his training meetings in Orlando! Mickey and Minney, here we come!~

It's funny how unpredicatable life is, don't you think?
How you think you have certain things figured out and boom! you are hit in the face with changes you were not expecting.

One has to deal with the cards dealt.  And fortunately, no matter how hard times have been recently, we have been very very blessed.

We have gone from having the "ideal life".  Money rolling in, no debt (except my student loans), happy,  planning our pefect wedding...  Really, nothing to worry about.  To having to stand in line @ the Medicaid office to be able to provide our kids with medical insurance, since his "great" job laid him off and with that, we lost all the medical coverage.  To back on top with wild dreams of being millionaires and two amazing jobs with a lot of potential, to back to the bottom once again, where we had to even ask family and friends to loan us money to be able to cover our basic bills.

We have been through a lot. But we have been strong.

I can say with certainty,  God has ALWAYS been there for us when we needed him the most.

WE ARE RICH in love.  We are RICH in blessings.
My HUSBAND is here, close to our hearts and souls, no matter how much he travels, no matter how far he goes and for how long.
I will never be lonely and I will never complain when he goes away.
Well, sometimes I will,  but I will understand and be grateful that he is traveling to provide us with the life we want.

I have become that mom! that wife! and I am proud of it now!
I am proud of myself and Jodi for indeed, making it work.
(something I would have never thought possible)
I am proud of my 2 year old baby boy and my 8 month old baby girl for being such great kids amongst all this "craziness"..
I am proud of my family, my TEAM!
There is nowhere else to go, but UP!

So, to all the mommies out there that do it day in and day out alone, I am happy and proud of joining your "club".

To all the daddies out there that do work hard to be able to bring home the bacon, I salute you.  I know from Jodi how hard it is to be away from the kids and miss them like crazy.  You guys are GREAT men and fathers and we thank you for doing this for us.

And to all those wives or husbands who have their spouses in the military, you STILL are my heroes! 
Now THAT i wouldn't be able to do ;-)
Well, who knows now huh, but still :-P

January 7, 2011

Ten! Nine! Eight!!! SEEVENN!!!!....

SIX! FIVE!!... Well, u get the point!
Although is not new years eve anymore. But I am doing the countdown right now. Just so I can kinda make my one resolution. 
Yes, just one!
I mean, I have a few things I want to accomplish this year.  U know, the loosing baby weight, the paying off bills...  But I dont want to even call them resolutions. Those are just things that WILL happen  ;-)
But back to my one resolution.  Want to guess what it is?

(wish I could know if u are actually guessing something. Feel free to leave a comment on what u thought it was...  if you thought of one...)

Well, it is to make a little more time to get on here and BLOG! :-)
I feel so horrible, because I have the best intentions.  And for those who know me, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I looove to express my emotions.  I love to write about the things that I am passionate about.  But life just gets in the way of me and my blog and I don't get to do it too often.

So, there!
(Gosh, I better make sure I really do get more active here, or it will make me look like a looser.  U know, with that being my one and only resolution..)

Ok, I didnt say how long they had to be. So I gotta go!
Watching tv w my husband now :-)


and here! here's a pic I took of my pretty little princess yesterday, on her 8th month birthday!!

October 18, 2010

Never felt more like a mommy...

... like I did this past weekend.

Don't take me wrong. 
Ever since I got that first positive pregnancy test, I already started getting that mommy feeling I was always dreaming of.
*  Well, not always.  Maybe back in the day, when I was single and having a bit of fun, I wasn't dreaming about it that much *
But yes, once I found out I was baking my own little baby, it all started.
It's insane how much we already love a child we have not even met.
I remember even wanting to celebrate mother's day with a big ol belly :-)
I felt like a mommy since day 1.  Me and my Jojo had a special bond.
Every hiccup, every kick and every little movement, was a reminder of that.

After 28 months of being Jonathan's mommy and 5 months of being Julianna's, I thought I knew what being a mommy really felt like. 
U know, the usual mommy duties.  Changing diapers, cleaning after them, feeding, playing, teaching, putting on time out, answering to "momma" twelve thousand times a day, cleaning spit up, doing laundry, bathing, hugging, kissing, laughing with them..etc etc...
But one weekend, with two sick, VERY sick kids, changed it all.
And I have to add, Daddy was out of town.  So that made it even more intense.

So there I was, running from room to room in the middle of the night, trying to take care of both of my darling babies at the same time.
Jonathan would wake up crying and calling for me everytime he coughed.
And Julianna wanted to nurse all night.
Both temperatures kept going up.  I was scared.
What if they get so bad I have to take them to the hospital?
How in the world am I going to manage that all by myself?

It didn't get that bad, thank God.  I think the highest was 103.6.  Which was pretty scary for me. 

It was a long night.  Sometimes I slept in the guest bed with Jojo, then I would go to my bed to lay with Julianna and nurse her.  Then back to Jojo's.
I couldn't get them in the same room, because if Julianna went down, Jojo would cough and wake her up. 
And vice versa. 
The hardest thing was NOT that I was exhausted  beyond belief.  It was looking at them looking at me with their sad, tired loopy eyes and not being able to do anything!

It killed me.  It tore my heart into one trillion pieces.
I wanted to cry, but I think I was too tired to.
I just wanted them to go to sleep and feel better.
My poor babies! I have never seen such pitiful faces.
I hated every second of that night with a passion.
I couldn't sleep.  They couldn't sleep.
They would cry and I would just hold them tight, trying to comfort them as much as I could.

At 5 in the morning, I was laying in bed with Julianna.  We were both "asleep".  I think we had been sleeping for about 10 minutes until I heard a big "Bump".  I knew Jojo was up.  I jumped up extremely fast to run to his room before he could get to me and Julianna.  Too late.  We met in the middle, the Den.  I knew there was no way I could get him to lay down in his room, so I brought him into the big bed trying to keep him quiet.  Of course, that was impossible. Little sister woke up.
5:15.  Were were all sitting there watching Umizoomi. 
At this point I didn't care if I didn't get any sleep.  I didn't care I felt miserable, I just didn't want them to.

I wasn't sure how I was going to function during the day.  But most importantly, take care of them.
Interestingly enough, I had energy.
Also, my father and Carmen came over in the afternoon and brought some much needed supplies.

I had nothing for sick kids, besides the infant tylenol.
No Klennexes, No vaporizer, no benadryl...  I did have Vicks though and thermomethers! hehe!!

They brought lunch and spent a few hours here. Both babies napped.

I was happy about that.

At night, my friend Jamie came over to help as well.

She watched them while I showered.  Thank Lord I was able to.  I needed it.

After their baths, I was putting some alcoholado (bay rum) all over Jojo's legs, feet and chest.  (Not sure, but I think that is totally a puertorican thing) and it hit me!
I couldn't feel more proud of myself that day.  I dont know why, it's weird to explain. 
Maybe cause it brought back memories of when I was a kid and my mom would take care of me. 
Now I was doing the same with my own babies.
I felt like a MOMMY.  BIG TIME.
I felt like I was the most important person in the whole universe.  Their universe at least.  And they are the only ones that matter anyways.
I felt like my job was more important than president Obama's.
Who cares about the rest of the world right now?  My world are my babies and as long as they are taken care of, anything else doesn't matter as much.

I lathered both of their feet with Vicks, put their pj's on and turned my new vaporizer on.

I was almost done with the day and I did it! I survived! And with NO SLEEP! :-)

Jamie left. 
Jojo was watching cartoons (you guessed it right, Omizoomi again! obsessed little child!)  in bed and fell asleep pretty fast.
Julianna nursed for about an hour before I transfered her to her swing.
And that was it!

My babies were alseep. Thank you Lord!
Their fevers were contained. 
And I was able to go downstairs and have dinner.  Granted it was like 10pm, but I felt GREAT.

My little ones were on the road to recovery and I helped them!
Well, the medicines had a little to do with it.  But I was there for them 1001%. 
And will ALWAYS BE.

Even though Julianna didn't sleep much and Jojo was up a few times, the night was much much better than the one before.

Today, a day after, they are a little better.
They don't seem to be hurting as much.  And I even have had some smiles.
Poor Jojo's nose is like a little faucet.  His cough is BAD and he doesn't like to blow on the tissue, so that's a struggle.  But he is being his bratty self, and I love it.
Julianna is doing great.  Very little fever and a bit more clingy, if that is even possible.

We are waiting for Dad now.  He should be here in the next 2 hours.
And he needs to hurry.
Because I have a feeling he will too be acting as a nurse soon.
For me.
I am getting sick too.
Oh well, such is life.
Maybe I should call my own mommy to take care of ME! hehe!
Wait! She is far.  Boo!
I guess husband will do.  (even though we all know how men are as nurses...)

oh, ps! this is what alcoholado looks like, if u were curious!

September 25, 2010

A Perfect Souvenir


3 days from now, I will be inside my car, with both babies in tow (sleeping hopefully), husband, dog, and a trailer full of very essential things, on my way down to South Florida.

Yes, WE ARE MOVING to FLORIDA, ladies and gentlemen!
Wait!!? are there even any guys that read my blog anyways? lol

Can you believe it?
I can and I can't.

About a year and a month ago, we were moving to South Carolina.
Something we wanted to do since before we got married.
We came here on a little vacation and decided this was the place we were going to raise our kids in.
(I mean, Jodi used to spend many summers here with his family and lived here for 3 years too, so he was already in love with it.  But I fell in love with it as well right away)
We still love it here, don't take me wrong.  It is a beautiful, friendly and very family oriented place to live.
But I have to say, I left a lot down in Florida.
I left my family.  I left some wonderful, wonderful friends.  Pollo Tropical, PF Changs, La Bamba, Lemon Grass... (and when you move somewhere that doesn't have a place that delivers sushi, these make a difference).
I left, my heart.

So yes, I am very excited to move back!
I will be even more excited once this whole move is over ;-P

I have been very quiet lately but my life is definitely not a quiet one.

Besides having the prettiest, most adorable, cute and happy little baby girl, I have been non stop.

Jodi has been busy trying to find a great job - and I have to say, God is great.
We have gone through many scary moments regarding his career and our finances, but everything always seems to fall into place.

I have had many many friends come visit me during these past few months. I am one lucky gal :-)
And in those visits, I had the pleasure of "hosting" the biggest sweet pea meetup thus far. 6 of us.
(Sweet Peas = friends I met online who all had the same due date as I did with Jonathan.  We have connected in such a way that it is impossible to describe and I can truly say, I love them.  I also have been able to meet some of them in person and spend some wonderful times with them)
It was a little challenging for me, I have to confess, having so many people, plus their kids, all here at once.  And I also have to confess, I did have a bit of a meltdown the last night, just because that's how I am. 
Sleep deprivation is a bitch! And being a clean freak, that also had to do with it a little bit.
Plus, I think it was just a little too much for me to handle, with the baby, and the upcoming move and Jodi leaving me on the weekdays for the next month.... u get the idea.

So I have been packing and being super mom.  Yes! I am calling myself super mom! ha! and I think I do deserve the title! At least for this one month.

I can't really remember the last time I was not in the middle of something. 
Like a move.
Or perhaps, having a baby!
Or planning some kind of party, or trip, or who knows...
Always something! hehe!

Seriously. There has not been ONE dull moment in my life in quite sometime.
And although it can be a little stressful at times, although it can challenge me in some ways that some people couldn't even imagine, although it can wear me out, I love it!
I have always been a project kinda girl!

And about moving.  My mother told me the other day something that made me laugh.
Ever since I was a little girl, I used to LOVE moving everything around the house that I could, around.  Sometimes when I was at home alone, I would rearrange all the furniture in the living room and surprise my mom.
And our bedroom, forget about it! haha! my older sister used to always fight with me because she could never "find her stuff."  (what guts huh?  I used to clean the whole room and make it look amazing and she would still pick a fight! lol)
But yes, I was seriously obsessed with it.  It was bad.
So apparently things haven't changed much in that department.  The only thing is that I am not only changing furniture, I am also changing the houses they go in. LOL

So fast forward to tonight again,  Saturday, September 25th. 
A few days past my 34th birthday.  Which by the way, was good.  I had caviar for the first time and I didn't spit it out! (granted it was not ONLY caviar, it was a mix of things that made it all taste yummy)
I am laying in bed, updating my blog (which I had been meaning to do for SO long) and watching all the good shows that recorded this week - premier week!  - and I didn't see because I am a good wife and I waited for Jodi to come home so we could watch them together.
A bit anxious because we have to do so much tommorrow and the next day and the next...

It's going to all seem like a dream.
This whole Charleston thing! This whole past year.
We will go back to Florida and look back and think, did that really happen?
Well, it did.
And we have a perfect little gift to show for it.  Our littlest, the prettiest and most special baby girl, Julianna Sophia.
Conceived the night we moved into this house.

Now we get to move back with an extra, cute little person.

We go back to where we met and fell in love, with a souvenir. 
A souvenir from South Carolina.
And a perfect one.

August 6, 2010

3 months

Today, my baby girl turns 3 months old.
It's bizarre how on one hand, it feels like I have known her forever.  Like she has been part of my life for my entire life.  How it has not only been 3 months, it has been my entire life of having her and loving her.  And on the other, it feels like it was yesterday when I looked into her eyes for the first time.  When I was holding her tight while laying on the hospital bed and staring down w a smile on my face as she slept.
She was so perfect back then... and she is even more perfect right now.

I am living my dream.  What I wanted, I have. 
Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself to see if this is real.  I have the cutest most adorable kids in the universe!  Did I really make those 2 little creatures? ;-)

These 3 months have been a bit crazy.
Amongst all my happiness as a new mom of 2, we have been very very stressed.
Jodi has been very busy (traveling quite often) trying to find a new job, as things with the company he has worked for have not gone the way he wanted them to.
I worry on a daily basis about our future and what is going to happen.
But we have to stay focused and positive that something will work out soon!!!
(and from what has been going on these past few days, things look good!!)
So yes, we have been going through a lot of stress, but one thing is for certain, I adore my family more and more and I thank God every day of my life for blessing me with so much!

My  little Julianna is something else!
(Jonathan too, but this post is dedicated to Julianna's 3 month "birthday")

She smiles SO MUCH. 
And she is pretty vocal. 
When u baby talk to her, she "talks" right back at you! And quite loud, I have to say.
I wonder who she is getting that from? (shh!)

She has discovered her hands and I just love that!  She looks at her cute little hands while grabbing her own little fingers.

She still is not a fan of car rides, but it's getting a little better. (not that I go out that much)

Her eyes, oh her eyes! I get lost in them.  They are mostly greyish. Sometimes they look like they are going to be blue, sometimes green...  who knows, they may turn out brown like mommy and daddy's.  But they are just so pretty!

She loves when mommy walks around doing the baby dance while she is falling asleep.  She stares at me like "ok mommy.  I am comfy now. I love you so much when you do this and I am going to fall asleep in your arms in a little bit.  Just let me enjoy it a little more..."

She is following Jojo with her eyes a lot now.  And from time to time, Jojo gets infront of her and starts being all funny and makes her smile.  He starts fake laughing when she smiles and I crack up with them both! 
I am smiling just thinking about that!

She is so soft. So little.  So tender and such a girly girl already!

I love her.

Happy 3 months of life, MY SWEET BABY PRINCESS!!!!